Chapter ONE — The Landing — MetaGoblins Arrive on Blue Moon SES

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A MetaGoblin NFT crash lands on the Blue Moon SES. Tune in as the story unfolds. The MetaGoblin NFT collection is made up of beautifully designed Goblin creatures that have been propelled into the metaverse. With 400 unique, hand-drawn 3D traits, this is one of the most intricately designed NFT character collections in existence. The NFT integration with MetaBlaze’s Web3’s ecosystem aims to bring more sustainability and long-term value to its holders in a real-world context! This isn’t just a tokenized image. This is a story. This is a game. This is long term…This is far more than a collection, it’s an immersive experience — with a thrilling story.

MetaGoblin NFT crash landed on the Blue Moon SES.

“Dortekt — can you hear me!?”

Erkak sat with his back against a large rock, his chest heaving heavily as he breathed the swirling dusty air. His escape pod lay in ruins — but a few paces from where he sat, now reduced to a smoldering pile of ruined metal. He looked at it with equal helpings of disbelief and despair — and pursed his lips in disapproval.

A MetaGoblin enhanced with cybernetic implant technology, Erkak had somehow survived the landing, and after crawling from the pod wreckage, he had managed to feel his way through a blinding sandstorm. The storm — a most unforgiving squall, boasted violent winds comprised of bluish-blackish grit, dust, and dirt. Visibility was severely limited, worsened by the fact that it appeared to be the middle of the night. Erkak had finally found some shelter in the large stone. Grateful for the temporary reprieve from the full force of the elements, he wrapped his cloak around himself, and peered at his wrist in the dark. Built into his green lanky flesh was a rectangular screen, one that normally served as a basic localized navigation and communication device. Erkak frantically tapped the hissing screen in frustration, “Dorgunth — can you hear me!?” Nothing. He then tapped his finger against his temple. His eye implant was also seemingly not functioning. It would be impossible to see beyond the most immediate of distances.

It’s not working — no one survived this. How could they? Even if they did — this storm, it’s terrible. Nothing is working…

Exhausted and without any form of sustenance to sustain him, Erkak began to accept a morbid fate — that he would soon perish on this forsaken moon, separated from all of his kin, and all that he loved. Under the weight of this enormous despair, he slipped into a restless slumber.


“How much longer to SES?” Dortekt looked over the edge of his cybernetic blue framed glasses at Erkak. Erkak was peering out of the ship’s field window at a blue-glowing moon. Where is the planet? Moons orbit planets. Where was SES’s planet? Erkak was interrupted again.

“Hellooo? Erkak — I’m talking to you. How much longer?”

Erkak turned towards Dortekt, a browned skin MetaGoblin with equally brown-colored curled horns, and chuckled, “We only just came out of lightspeed Dorg. The space-folding engines haven’t even cooled down yet. What’s your hurry anyway? It could be dangerous down there.”

“It’s a moon that is literally made out of Terranzinite. We,” Dortekt smacked his chest like a primitive male, “are literally masters of Terranzinite. I thought you were supposed to be the smart one out of the two of us.” Dortekt shook his head and smiled at Erkak, revealing a mouth of razor sharp (and missing) teeth. Erkak looked at Dortekt and gave him a playful look of disgust. Dortekt reached over the arm of his comfy chair and smacked Ergul in the shoulder.

Erkak responded, “Ok — so there’s plenty of errors in what you just said, my friend. Firstly, SES is not MADE out Terranzinite — it simply contains a tremendous amount of it. Not the same thing. Secondly — this Terranzinite has had its origins molecularly linked to our planet. Doesn’t that concern you…even in the slightest?”

“Why would that concern me?” Dortekt’s question was genuine.

Erkak pushed his brows together, but slowly turned away from Dortekt, settling his eyes back on the Blue Moon floating in the distance.

“Because our planet is 10,802 light years from here, Dortekt. This quantity of mass has never been moved from one location to another be it with the help of a sentient being OR on its own, let alone from one galaxy to another. It’s just a troubling notion to ponder, that’s all.”

Dortekt seemed unfazed by his friend’s cautious interpretation of the current state of affairs. He simply shrugged and sighed, “Ahh Erkak, you need to look at the bright side of things sometimes. For starters, you were given the honor of being selected to come on this journey. Only 100 of us were selected and given the status of ‘Legendary’. Also, you’re going to get to customize your implants HOWEVER you’d like down there. No rules, no regulations — it’s a complete free-for-all. There’s nothing to be afraid of ok? So…relax.”

Erkak slowly turned to face his friend — but his concerned expression hadn’t softened, even in the slightest, “I certainly hope you’re right, my friend. I hope you’re right.”


Erkak stirred from a dreamless slumber and slowly opened his eyes. He sat up from his slumped position and looked out from behind the rock that had no doubt had saved his life. He gave it two grateful taps and whispered, “Thanks.” He somehow managed the slightest of chuckles.

The sandstorm had finally passed. Visibility had improved dramatically. His escape pod was no longer smoldering. He slowly swept his head from left to right and saw — nothing. An endless landscape lay before him, a sea of dirt and sand and dust, rolling up and down, much like a rolling hill. He looked down at his dirty hands, which were covered in a dark blue and black sand.

“This is strange,” he said aloud to no one, “This black material is definitely…” he paused and begrudgingly licked just the very tip of his nail before hastily spitting out in disgust.

“Carbon. But do I also detect…”

With what little strength remain within his MetaGoblin form, Erkak ushered himself over to the remains of his escape pod. He ran his hand along one of the panels until he felt a seam in the metal and upon finding it, dug his nails into it popping the square panel straight off.

Inside, a blue glow pulsated, emitting from what could only be described as a crystal, no bigger than the smallest of stones. The glowing stone sat suspended in an apparatus of sorts, a harness made from metal that kept the stone as free from the surrounding structure as possible. The crystal was clearly the power source for the now ruined escape pod. Erkak pried the stone from the apparatus as delicately as possible, using his fingernails as makeshift calipers to hold the stone up above his head. He looked at it critically but then smiled.

“Still works!” Erkak let out a glee of pleasant surprise. With the stone in his left claw’s grasp, he looked down at his wrist implant. He lowered the stone and swept it over the face of the screen. It flickered a little bit.

“Ha!” Erkak erupted. He very carefully placed the crystal in his pants front pocket and popped open his wrist implant’s screen, revealing two cavities. Within one, a crystal similar in size and hue to the one in his pocket glowed with the same frequency and intensity. The adjacent cavity however, lay empty.

“Stupid budget cuts,” he muttered. With screen popped open and the cavities now exposed, Erkak reached into his pocket and pulled the crystal from it carefully. He very carefully placed it in the empty cavity and closed the screen. It clicked shut. Erkak held his breath.

A quiet whirring noise emitted from his wrist, and the screen began flickering. Erkak’s eyes widened with hopeful anticipation.

The screen came online in full.

“YES!” Erkak jumped for joy, suddenly invigorated by his newfound luck, “I can’t believe it! It works!”

As Erkak finished his celebratory expressions, he looked back down at the screen. He quickly let out a gasp of shock and spun around in place.

A figure stood before him, wrapped in a cloak similar to his very own.

“Oh don’t act so surprised, Erkak. Terranzinite doesn’t break so easily. You should know that.”

Chapter TWO — To Be Continued.

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