METABLAZE, Closes First ICO round After Reaching $1.5M Hard Cap

3 min readApr 5, 2022

METABLAZE is a forerunner in peer-to-peer metaverse gaming. It’s a Metaverse-focused blockchain-based gaming firm that combines GameFi (gaming finance) and Defi to capture the most exciting aspects of web three technology.

Every time a person buys or sells METABLAZE, the Smart Contract for the METABLAZE token is created in a way so that you will automatically earn more $MBLZ tokens.

METABLAZE is introducing high-level 3D visuals to blockchain gaming.


METABLAZE also adds passive returns to the Metaverse and mind-blowing NFTs modelled on excitable in-game avatars.

METABLAZE’s NFTs go through a lengthy development process that involves hand-sculpting each character and hand-painting portraits before being digitized.

The first ecosystem was featured in the METABLAZE MetaRoyal Club collection.

The first type of NFTs was only available to the METABLAZE project’s early backers in presale phase one. The METABLAZE MetaRoyal Club is an invitation-only membership in a passive rewards system.

The MetaGOBLIN is a new species, and each will be as distinctive as a fingerprint. METABLAZE shall mint NFTs on the OpenSea platform and airdrop your NFT address to your wallet after the entire collection has sold.

METABLAZE Presale Phase 1 Leading Towards Presale Phase 2

METABLAZE announced that its first ICO cycle successfully reached the $1,500,000.00 hard cap on Friday, March 25th.

Participants in the first phase of the presale received a 10% bonus in MBLZ tokens for a minimum contribution of $250.

METABLAZE is currently getting ready to announce the start of its 2nd ICO round, with a hard cap of $2.5 million and a minimum contribution of $50. It will be another opportunity for customers to acquire at a discounted price before METABLAZE goes public on community cryptocurrency exchanges in the 2nd period of this year.

Participants in presale phase two not only get a lower entrance price but will also get a 5% token bonus when they buy METABLAZE tokens (MBLZ) during presale phase 2.


· BLAZEdApp was created to serve as the hub of our whole ecosystem. Simply by keeping $MBLZ tokens in your wallet, you’ll be able to check how much passive income (METAFLECTIONS) you’ve earned.

· You can lock your METABLAZE tokens in the BLAZIVERSE 1.0 and start earning more incredible prizes.

· BLAZEBOX is an Nft exclusive to the METABLAZE ecosystem. A BLAZEBOX is a mysterious box with a smart contract that dictates rules and operation. You can either earn them as a reward for your BLAZIVERSE 1.0 membership or buy them with your $MBLZ tokens.

· Your magical creatures will display in your BLAZEVAULT, which symbolizes your unique NFT collection, as you gather them.

The METABLAZE Ecosystem consists of the following components:

· BlazedApp

· NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

· NFT Marketplace

· Yields from Passive Activities

· Native Blockchain Technology

· Metaverse of P2E Gaming

· Assets in the game

· Real Estate on the Internet

· Grounds for Farming

· Staking

METABLAZE is one of the few cryptocurrency companies that stands out from the crowd, particularly in the GameFi area. When launched on PancakeSwap, METABLAZE will burn 18% of the entire token supply.

Instead of being just a blockchain-based gaming firm with NFTs and digital currency, METABLAZE’s goal is to build a multi-faceted ecosystem with various value-added utilities that work together to generate long-term revenue for the economy. devoted to the creation of

A well-designed ecosystem maximizes usefulness for both gamers and non-gamers and assists in constructing a solid foundation for scalability and long-term stability. METABLAZE intends to develop an NFT marketplace as well.

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MetaBlaze is a GameFi x DeFi utility token designed for the Metaverse.