MetaBlaze News | November Recap

Welcoming new wallets, selling out NFTs, and onboarding more users

4 min readDec 2, 2022

Many people might believe a chaotic market means slower development; however, in MetaBlaze’s case, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the crypto market may have stumbled in November, MetaBlaze has risen to new heights with our eventful Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. We’re thankful to the users that came out. We will continue to expand our ecosystem, build our community, and deliver experiences heading into next year.

Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday Sale was undoubtedly a highlight for the month. The 24-hour $MBLZ sale event was met with profound success, with users coming out in great numbers to acquire $MBLZ tokens.

For one day only, users were able to purchase $MBLZ tokens at the exclusive rate of $0.00007764, instead of the standard $0.00015069 price per token.

Sale numbers reflected strong demand from the community. We raised over $100,000 just from the Black Friday presale event. Moreover, the presale event welcomed 100 new holders, increasing the total wallet holders from 2005 to 2105.

We thank everyone who participated. We at MetaBlaze are excited to keep developing and welcoming more users to our ecosystem. The $MBLZ token pre-sale is still ongoing and has raised over $3.65 million. For more details about our ongoing presale, visit here.

Cyber Monday

Seeing the success of the Black Friday Sale and upon demand from the community, we held another pre-sale event in succession to the Black Friday event. The Cyber Monday event was met in a similar fashion to the Black Friday event, raising over $30,000 in one day.

For 24 hours, buyers could acquire $MBLZ tokens at exclusive prices at a rate of $0.000095 instead of the standard $0.00015069 price per token. Moreover, users were rewarded with MetaGoblin NFTs for $MBLZ purchases of $1,000 or more as an additional bonus.

But fret not; you can still participate in our ongoing presale and gain exclusive perks and benefits ahead of the public launch, including a 5% bonus of $MBLZ tokens.

Besides our token presale, you can still get your hands on MetaGoblins, our dynamic, utility-driven, and aesthetically appealing NFT collection, featuring over 400 unique traits, hand-drawn and rendered in 3D. To mint a MetaGoblin NFT, visit the Blaziverse dApp.

MetaGoblins play a crucial role in the MetaBlaze experience, allowing users to dive into Blue Moon SES and harvest our priceless Terranzinite crystals. Besides its meticulous details, the MetaGoblins has a lot of perks and benefits that you can read about here.

Previously, users that purchased over $10,000 worth of $MBLZ tokens received exclusive and successful MetaRoyal NFT collection from us. Although the MetaRoyal NFT collection has been long sold out, MetaBlaze loves giving back to the community.

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CertiK Gold KYC Badge: Promoting Web 3.0 Transparency

MetaBlaze believes transparency is crucial for Web 3.0. Crypto projects should be advocating for trust and security, especially now. The space is livelier than ever, with competitors and builders set to establish the infrastructure of Web 3.0. The Web 3.0 space is expected to welcome a billion users in the next decade, most of them into gaming and the metaverse.

We’re at the forefront of the space and have to be a shining example by winning the community’s trust. Whether it is through big actions or small, we believe in transparency, which is a major reason why our founding team chose not to hide behind pseudonyms and embraced the opportunity to lead Web 3.0 gaming and the metaverse to greater heights.

Our team has undergone a rigorous KYC verification process handled by CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm. CertiK is the leading blockchain auditing firm, auditing projects like Polygon, Binance, and PancakeSwap.

Growing Our Socials

November has been an eventful month for us. The overall positive response from the community echoed in all of our social media channels. MetaBlaze’s Discord channel welcomed over 500 new members last month, whereas over 300 new members joined our Telegram channel.

Considering November has been a tough month for all of crypto, we’re happy to see such user turnout on all of our socials. If you want to be a part of the community, you can join our Telegram and Discord channels to get the latest development and community updates first.


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